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Columbia River Gorge Spa

a long week, long day, long year? Improve your quality of life with the ultimate dynamic: Holistic Wellness, CBD and Yoga.

If you are looking for the perfect spa and wellness getaway – Seek. No. Further! A new kind of Columbia River Gorge spa experience is opening soon. Discover our Personalized ZV Rebel Retreats located in the stunning Pacific Northwest. Nestled between the state of Washington and Oregon the canyon stretches for over eighty miles! Neighboring the windsurfing capital of the world, Hood River offers endless amounts of blissful ventures that will have you wondering where this little piece of heaven has been all your life! Take a moment for yourself to unplug and unwind, understand what your body, your mind, and your soul call for. Achieve feeling your best with the healing power of our vegan, organically-grown CBD and herbal blends and slow your roll at one of our yoga classes while soaking in the views! With the backdrop of rolling hills in the Columbia River Gorge, get in touch with your true self with Ayurvedic therapies, herbal preparations, organic meals, yoga, massage, cannabis treatments, and more. Experience a new level of wellness through a customized care regimen that you’ll be able to carry with you each day.

Add a Little Potion to Your Motion

Do you ever feel like your yoga practice could use a little extra love? Perhaps a little aromatic booster to enhance your senses as well as your flow. At our retreats, you’ll discover how to relax and integrate healing remedies into your practice to take along with you after your stay. No matter what’s on your agenda for the day ahead, you’ll learn to personalize your routine with one of our aromatically infused CBD treats. Boost your mood and prepare for takeoff with our Lift Full Spectrum CBD Tincture composed of energizing citrus + mint essential oils for an extra spring to your step. Practicing your asanas? No better way to enhance your meditative yoga sesh than with our CHILL Ayurvedic CBD Body Oil and bask in its blissful lavender aroma while you flow.

A wise woman once said, “Good breathing is good living”. Unearth why pranayama is so important, through practicing breath. Prana, associated with breath, means “vital life force”, Yama means “to gain control”, and the practice is a means to elevate the Prana Shakti or life energies. The best way to use yoga for positive energy in your body and positive thoughts in your mind is to first and foremost take note of your breath. Our MAGIC Ayurvedic Herbal Salve not only helps to reduce inflammation within our bodies but is composed of lavender and cedarwood essential oils where the scent alone will aid in managing your day-to-day stresses. This will allow you to fully release any built-up sticky tension and let go of all the things that no longer serve you. For every inhale you breathe, you will exhale deeply with purpose and assurance that you are exactly where you need to be at all times.

Your Gorge Adventure Awaits

At the Columbia River Gorge, you can enjoy our personalized spa experience and learn ways to integrate holistic wellness into your lifestyle while immersing yourself in the natural beauty and recreational outdoor activities that the area has to offer. The Gorge offers rafting, paragliding, surfing (not to mention world-famous Columbia River Gorge windsurfing), parasailing, or sailing if that’s more your style! However, if you’d prefer to keep your feet grounded, enjoy a morning hike and indulge in a sunset wine at one of the stunning 60 wineries and vineyards, offering cleaner wines than Napa, such as many volcanic organic wines! If you’re looking to experience more local flair at the Gorge during your stay, we’ve compiled a list of the most delectable eats in the area!

Best Eats at the Gorge

Be sure to check out the highly sought after Columbia Gorge Sternwheeler and book your reservation for an unforgettable sunset dinner (and wine) as you cruise along the Columbia River. Looking for more of a laid-back vibe? Big River Grill, offers a comfy roadhouse feel serving American chow and craft beers amid wood booths and sporting decor. Pizza night? Solstice Wood Fire Pizza offers local wines and brews in rustic chic digs you’ll be sure to want to snag some pics of before you head out! Did someone say Espresso!? Yes, please! Make it a double at the Kickstand Coffee and Kitchen and enjoy it’s funky edge as you relish in their craft coffee by their outdoor fire pit. An absolute must! Eastwind Drive-In is a hip retro diner serving all-day comfort eats, burgers, and the tallest soft-serve ice cream cones! A few more local faves with exceptional reviews include Egg River Cafe, Bette’s Place, and Mexican Lake Taco.

Ready Set Gorge! Calling All Hikers!

Driving from Portland? Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the first waterfall, Latourell Falls, visible from Columbia Gorge scenic highway!

At Elowah Falls, McCord Creek crashes 213 feet down into a huge amphitheater exhibiting several distinct lava flows of 17 – 14 million years ago.

Wahclella Falls in the Gorge is one of the easiest hikes at only 2 miles round trip. Then a must see: Multnomah Falls is the tallest of Oregon’s waterfalls. Featuring the impressive Benson Footbridge at 45-foot long and 105 feet above the lower cascade, hikers can get awe-inspiring views of the falls and Columbia River Gorge.

Great for beginner hikers, Wahkeena Falls is only a 0.4 mile hike. The trail climbs in one long switchback to a stone bridge at the base of the falls. You can turn around here if you’re pressed for time or continue up the steeper section to Lemmon’s Viewpoint and for great views of the Columbia River make it a 1.4 mile hike round trip.

To get a read on which Columbia River Gorge hikes are currently open, check out the status here!

Drive Slowly, and Enjoy the Scenery!

Get your cameras ready as you’ll be sure to come across beautiful canyons, bridges, waterfalls and lots of surprises along the road! For a great photo op, head over to the Rowena Crest viewpoint for a stunning bird’s eye view of the beautiful horseshoe-shaped road.

A crowd favorite, Bridal Veil Falls is a short 0.6 mile hike out and back from the trailhead right off the historic highway. The Eagle Creek to Tunnel Falls hike is one of the most popular and magnificent trails in the Columbia River Gorge! You will lose count as you pass dozens of spectacular waterfalls through the lush temperate rain forests and tall basalt cliffs including Punchbowl Falls, Metlako Falls, Tamanawas Falls, Horsetail Falls, Lewis River Falls, Spirit Falls, Gorton Creek Falls, Falls Creek Falls, and Starvation Creek Falls.

Life is a Journey, Not a Destination

Get curious about your journey and find out more about our Personalized ZV Rebel Retreats. Our one-of-a-kind location in the Pacific Northwest unleashes the power of nature and nature’s remedies to transform and inspire. So pack your hiking boots and audacious spirit, and get ready to feel reconnected and energized by this unique spa experience to bring only the best vibes back home with you!


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