What is Oil Pulling?

What is Oil pulling?

Oil pulling is great way to boost your oral health! Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic practice that involves swishing sesame oil in your mouth for 1-20 minutes.  The swishing motion helps to remove bacteria and promote oral hygiene by moisturizing your mouth.

Why would I Oil pull?

With dental care often not covered by insurance, any way we can improve our oral health is a great idea! Oil pulling has been used as an inexpensive, effective way to kill bacteria in the mouth and improve oral  health.

While plain sesame oil pulling can kill harmful bacteria, our addition of high quality CBD rich hemp oil and essential oils moisten your mouth to help decrease cavities.  ZWISH will also act as an anti-inflammatory and decrease pain from dental surgeries and procedures. The fennel, peppermint and clove oil also have anti-bacterial properties and freshen your breath!

How do I Oil pull?

Adding ZWISH to your morning and evening routine will feel great! Take a small sip of the ZWISH oil in your mouth, enough to swish vigorously. Swish all through gums and teeth for 1-20 minutes. (Elevate your experience: Take this quiet time to gently stretch and apply ZV Botanicals Body oils.. breath deep)

After you have expectorated into the trash or outside, brush your teeth as usual. (Traditionally, a rinse with salt water adds the anti-bacterial power of the swish!) MMMM Feel the smooooth!

Children can benefit by oil pulling and enjoy the fun of SWISHING ZWISH! We recommend making it a game to see how long they can SWISH ZWISH!

IMPORTANT TIP: Be sure to expectorate the oil outside or into the trash can to avoid plumbing problems!

What are the ingredients of ZWISH mouth pulling oil?

Our ZV Botanicals ZWISH mouth oil is a sesame oil base with high quality CBD rich oil as well as peppermint, fennel and clove essential oils that can naturally reduce inflammation, moisten your mouth and freshen your breath!

Ask your dentist to carry ZWISH to help you stay healthy and keep your smile gleaming! You will be asking your friends and family… “Do you ZWISH?”

Dr. Chris Swisher, DDS, Little Shredders Dental, Hood River, Oregon


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