Joanna is generous and kind in her practice. She has a strong and gentle presence in her ayurvedic counseling and yoga classes. Healing seems to be her goal, in every aspect of people’s lives.

Ellen B.

Husum, WA

I was introduced to ZV LIFT CBD tincture while recovering from COVID19; I was struggling with post viral exhaustion but couldn’t sleep. I had never tried CBD before so I cautiously started with a very small amount to see how my body would react: that was enough to get the restful sleep I so much needed! I felt totally rested and not drowsy at all the next morning. I worked my way up to 1/2 a dropper within a week and now I sleep through the night every night and feel rested! My joints are also less stiff and my blood pressure is not spiking like it did in the past few months.

L.A., CA

Husum, WA

Your salve is a first aid kit necessity, Jo!I had two cavities drilled and filled yesterday and your tincture had me relaxed and asleep all through the night. For the daytime while i work I’m smoking your “stick” and I’ll let you know my experience soon. So far, I noticed way less tooth discomfort. Your salve also is seriously helping my dad that is 87 and bad arthritis in his hands. He uses salve maybe twice a week on his hands that previously couldn’t tie his shoe. I do get very excited about this working for everyone. I’m telling people to use full dropper-full as I’m now realizing that I’ve needed to chill out and take a big dose because it works and not to be trepidatious about using it. I’m one of the sensitive types that doesn’t take THC so well so I’ve used too little CBD and needed encouragement to dose higher.

Tiffany L.

White Salmon, WA

Joanna and ZV products have made a huge difference in my life. She not only has a product line of quality and effective products, but has helped us with a custom Ayurvedic plan and education and healthy eating. ZV Botanicals tinctures and oils have helped me with anxiety and sleep. I gave my dentist the mouth pull oil and she is recommending to her patients. I love the tea and bitters in the evening to help me relax.

Mary Lou Burton

Owner, Hemp & CBD Conference

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