Navigating Change (with Grace and Ease)

Change is hard. That is an almost universal fact in the minds of many people. Humans resist change, no matter how strong the evidence is that the intended change will absolutely benefit their lives, their health and their home. Changing one’s mind is the first obstacle to overcome in order to change one’s habits.

Every three months we have the opportunity to acknowledge and observe change. The winter and summer solstice, and the spring and autumn equinox offer time construct to remind us that nature has its own intelligence. How clever is the universe with its mathematical rhythms which offer us a time of reflection and intention. As change occurs in our earth’s angle, in the length of sunlight in a day, and in our seasonal weather, so too does change subtly occur in our body and mind.

Last week marked the beginning of fall, which for many of us, we experience cooler temperatures, wetter weather, and shorter days. As the late summer sun diminishes, we can look to our gardens to see the effect that hot and dry (or hot and humid) weather had on our flowers. Leaves and petals appear shriveled and dry, having completed their glorious growing cycle. So too can our body (and mind) display signs of depletion, exhaustion and dehydration. This creates a perfect storm within our sensitive capillaries, intestines and skin; offering opportunistic bacteria and virus to penetrate our systems, and settle into our sinuses, nasal passages and GI tract.

In Ayurveda, this is the perfect time to create a personal detoxification vacation. Traditionally referred to as Pancha Karma, this cleansing ritual spans almost a month’s time, and gently re-sets and nourishes all levels of our existence. This powerfully effective practice is not a full food fast, but instead a slow and careful removal of inflammatory or difficult to digest foods, for a period of time, and an introduction to alternative and easy to digest foods and liquids. Scheduled time for gentle yoga or stretching, meditative walks in nature, inner reflection in its various forms (meditation, prayer, singing/chanting, journaling), and increased time of self care is encouraged.

Detoxing our senses is one of the most rewarding of actions, so limiting our time with electronic gadgets is imperative. What we watch, read, hear and feel is just as important as what we eat and drink. Paying attention to our inner voice, and filtering out other voices telling us what to think or do, is also an important aspect of growth and wellness. Really listening to the story we tell ourselves, the judgements we carry, and the intention behind our actions, will enliven our experiences of life.

Speaking of change…this year was a HUGE year of change for me personally. I launched my own Ayurvedic product company, ZV Botanicals, which offers beautifully infused massage oils, healing topical salve, sub-lingual CBD tinctures, digestive bitters and delicious chai tea. I’m also excited to announce my new website, Z-VEDA.COM, which showcases all of these hand-crafted, small batch, organic products, open for business, with secure credit card payment systems in place. As a thank you for reading all the way to the end of this blog, please enjoy a 25% discount code to use for your first two purchases. Keep one and share with a friend!





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