Medium: Hemp 101- The Basics by Veronica Castillo

Jo Matson was interviewed by Veronica Castillo for her piece on Medium titled “Hemp 101- The Basics”. In it, hemp professionals and business owners chimed in about about hemp and it’s benefits.

Can you provide overall information as it relates to hemp for medicine/therapy?

Here’s what Jo had to say:

“It is scientifically proven, thanks to decades of research in Israel by Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, that the human body contains its own (Endo) Cannabinoid System (ECS). The ECS includes a network of neuro-modulation receptors within our brain, immune system and the body. Dr. Mechoulam found that the human brain produces its own form of cannabis, which was named Anandamide, which means “bliss” in the ancient language of Sanskrit.

The ECS is a homeostatic regulatory system that is essential for key processes in the brain and throughout the body, and ultimately affects virtually all systems of the body, most importantly, the immune system.

The ECS is responsible for two basic activities: to modulate pleasure, energy and well-being, ​and to slowly nudge the body back to health in the face of injury and disease. This system directly and indirectly is affected, through the body’s own receptors, by the intake of the full spectrum cannabis Sativa plant.

Current research is discovering that the past 80 years of cannabis prohibition has created drastic imbalances of people’s ECS, directly affecting the modulation of their immune systems, which can only be corrected and balanced by the proper intake of organic hemp or cannabis, taken as a full spectrum plant medicine.”

Read the full article on medium, here.


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