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What is Hemp CBD Connex?

Are you ready for a deep dive? This burgeoning mega billion dollar industry is nothing to ignore. The cannabis plant has hid in the shadows for far too long. Its gentle, powerful healing potential is available and on the verge of greatness. As we all meet and collaborate, share and investigate, who knows what strains and concoctions will be created to offer gentle relief from so much unnecessary suffering!

This event is for farmers and other industry professionals as well as consumers. Oregon is establishing a business model that other states are following. With six years of experience, Hemp CBD Connex procure top pros in the industry to share their insights. Join us and be on the forefront of this exciting, lucrative and fast-paced industry.

ZV Botanicals will be there and Joanna will be available to meet with about your individual health issue. More info to come!

SO much to learn about this rapidly growing industry! OVERWHELM!… good thing I have my 1500 ZLift to boost to my ECS .

Is it time you treat your endocannibinoid system to a luxurious sensory experience?

Currently, taking ZLift for my Kapha constitution I’m loving the silky *olive oil texture with the rich *cardamon notes that rise to an airy *peppermint… up up .. finishing with tart *lemon, surrounded by full spectrum cannabis flavor, talk about taste the rainbow! Need a Lift? 

Better than the best glass of wine…because its also GOOD FOR YOU!

I feel my tincture kick in about 20 minutes after I take the full dropper of 50 mg, under my tongue.  Enjoy the flavors and wait 40 seconds for the slow soak in, as sublingually your hungry ECS absorbs your favorite ZV Botanical Ayurvedic CBD tincture into your blood stream.

Health-full dynamic balance is my goal with more energy to share and enjoy life! Lets hit the EXPO.


We will have a ZV Botanicals table, please come say hello!

Joanna will be at a “meet the expert” table to answer questions. More info to come

What are you hoping to learn?

Hemp CBD Connex Sponsored by Cannabis Collaborative Conference


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