Do you Dare to Self-Care?

Ever find yourself sitting at your computer desk midweek planning for the inevitable weekend that awaits? Your friends and family pull you in one direction while responsibilities and reluctance pull you in the other. If you’re imagining the angel standing on your right shoulder fighting the demons on your left you’re doing it right! There’s an endless list of things to do fogging your brain, and you contemplate which gathering you will muster up the energy to attend, and where you will find the time.

You are only one person and the summer events, as well as everyday responsibilities, are gaining momentum! Tasks begin to pile up one after another, you stay busy, but is any of it productive? Will future you thank you for running to Whole Foods and spending 3 times the amount originally intended? Probably not, but don’t beat yourself up too much since we’ve all been there! A quick run to Whole Foods for some much-needed nut milk and you come out with an entirely new beauty regimen because #goals, am I right!? Shout out, Body Care Aisle! So take matters into your own hands, and integrate a proactive self-care wellness routine into your schedule to avoid (maybe even just a little bit) these mishaps. It just takes the first step in caring for you and ZV Botanicals can help!

How to Utilize CBD Bitters

With summer in full effect and most places open for business at full capacity, this is no time to neglect your needs – remember to gift yourself that TLC you’ve been longing for all week. When you fill your cup up, your cup can then runneth over to better support loved ones and people around you. For the absolute best self-care routine, tend to your mental health and light your most calming candle, grab your favorite read, your most valuable beverage, then sprinkle a little CBD magic into your drink. It’s a vibe!

Our personal favorite, Rose Love Full Spectrum Bitters, is incredibly versatile and pairs well with so much, including tea, sparkling wine, gin, rum, and even rosé! Too much too soon? Let’s take things slow. Instead, simply add a few drops to your water for a soothing, therapeutic ZV Botanicals experience, and voila, this might be the start of something wonderful!

You may be asking yourself, “why integrate a new health routine into my schedule when I have a million other things to remember?” Well, dear reader, this isn’t just about another thing to add to your to-do list to meet someone else’s expectations or another thing where you’ll see no lasting benefit for your well-being. This one act is in service to you, from you, and no one else, signaling to yourself that you and your wellness are important. Choose your favorite CBD Bitters, decide how you want to use them, and honor yourself before serving those around you.

Designed to Self-Care

Find your zen and take a peek at which line of CBD products works best for your lifestyle. Our multipurpose CBD products will have you looking forward to your next “me-time.” Our wide variety of organically-grown products are designed to allow you to feel that euphoric state of balance your mind and body desires.

Recently indulged in something that left your digestive tract unsettled? Our Full Spectrum CBD bitters aid in digestion support. Is your body feeling a bit tense these days? For relief of stress, try our Full Spectrum CBD Magic Salve to heal any inflammation in your body. Recently won a bet and someone owes you a massage? Try our CHILL Ayurvedic CBD Body Oil to hydrate and nourish your skin because after all you and yours need to nourish to flourish! The unique combination of cooling oils will have your body glowing and feeling as if it were on cloud nine.

Don’t underestimate the power of a regular dose of calm in your day. Not only does CBD benefit your physical well-being, but it benefits your mental and physical fitness as well. “….preclinical research and some clinical studies have shown that when consumed, CBD has strong anti-depressant qualities, as well as how it contributes to a healthy endocannabinoid system, which promotes healthy functioning of bodily systems like sleep cycles and muscle repair.”

So go ahead, give yourself the attention you deserve. Future you already thanks you!


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