CBD Pre-Rolls: Your Questions Answered

For those on a path of healing who aim to prioritize their health and wellbeing, the words “marijuana” and “pre-rolls” can stir up various responses. Marijuana has long been taken out of its larger cultural and healing history as part of the cannabis plant and has been redefined within the party lifestyle. Those in party scenes sometimes use marijuana for reasons not health related, which has tainted its reputation in wellness circles.

This is especially the case when it comes to joints or pre-rolls which commonly evoke an image of people inhaling smoke, coughing up a lung, and then falling into a high. This isn’t particularly in line with what many in the wellness industry consider a healthy and spiritually-focused lifestyle.

So then, you might be wondering why ZV Botanicals sells pre-rolls, how they fit into an Ayurvedic lifestyle, and why we stand behind them as a product intended to support one’s health. In this article we will answer that question and more!

What is CBD, and how is it different from THC?

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a safe, non-addictive compound found in the cannabis plant. THC is another (but different) compound found in the same plant. In fact, there are more than a hundred of these phytocannabinoids found in cannabis.

Many people understandably associate CBD with marijuana. Though they come from the same plant, there are important distinctions between the two. Both CBD and THC are found in hemp and cannabis, but hemp has a higher concentration of CBD while cannabis has a higher concentration of THC.

Unlike THC, CBD is a non-psychoactive compound and interacts with the brain differently. They both interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system, but they have different properties that give THC an intoxicating effect and not CBD.

What are CBD pre-rolls?

Hemp or CBD pre-rolls are pre-rolled joints that are filled with cannabis flower and not medical or recreational strains that contain high levels of THC. There are many ways to use CBD including topical and oral applications, but pre-rolls are applied through pulmonary methods (through the lungs). Inhaling the CBD delivers it quickly and efficiently into the body.

Unlike other forms of CBD, pre-rolls offer a higher bioavailability which means your body is able to use more of the CBD. There’s also a shorter activation time when CBD is inhaled into the lungs through pre-rolls.

What should you look for in a CBD pre-roll?

For those interested in using CBD pre-rolls for health-related reasons, it’s important to look for pre-rolls that contain organic, pure hemp. CBD that is grown with artificial pesticides and fertilizers significantly reduces the quality of the flower, impacting the effect that it has on your health. In general:

  • Look for high-quality hemp
  • Avoid low-grade industrial hemp
  • Favor pre-rolls rolled in organic hemp paper and filters
  • Consider the type of flower being used and its effects
  • Make sure the hemp is third party tested to verify the quality and quantity of CBD

Do CBD pre-rolls get you high?

No. CBD pre-rolls do not contain THC, the part of the cannabis plant that causes the psychoactive experience that many people associate with marijuana.

Our pre-rolls at ZV Botanicals contain up to 0.3% of THC. This is typical for high-quality CBD flower products and actually increases the benefits of the entourage effect. But this amount is not enough to cause a high and stays within the federal limits for hemp products.

How do CBD pre-rolls make you feel?

Though CBD pre-rolls don’t make you feel high, they do provide various effects depending on the flower used. Typically you can expect to experience a “euphoric lift.” We offer two different types of pre-rolls that provide different effects. One is Bubba Kush, known for its relaxing, meditative, and calming properties. The other one, Oregon Dream, offers creative, elevated, and active qualities.

What are the benefits of inhaling CBD pre-rolls?

CBD offers numerous benefits and connects with your body’s cannabinoid receptors to do so. When hemp flower is inhaled through the lungs, the body receives the same benefits as other forms of CBD (edibles, tinctures, bitters, etc.) but the CBD is absorbed by the body much faster. Pre-rolls are also very easy to use, making them a great option for those who are new to CBD. Other benefits of CBD pre-rolls include:

  • Higher bioavailability. Inhaling CBD can provide bioavailability as high as 56% compared to 13% with oral ingestion.
  • May help reduce anxiety
  • Convenience. CBD pre-rolls don’t require any preparation because they come pre-rolled.
  • May improve sleeplessness
  • May reduce pain
  • Entourage effect of all present phytocannabinoids in raw, unprocessed hemp flower
  • May reduce nausea and vomiting 

Are CBD pre-rolls legal?

Yes, CBD pre-rolls are legal. CBD products with less than 0.3% THC aren’t considered marijuana and are therefore legal, thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill.

When you buy CBD pre-rolls, be sure the THC level is 0.3% or lower. Anything over that is not considered legal.

How do CBD pre-rolls fit into an Ayurvedic lifestyle?

The teachings of Ayurveda and the use of CBD emphasize nature as the source of healing wisdom. Both of them also aim for health by maintaining balance in the body and mind. CBD does so by helping to stabilize the body’s endocannabinoid system, which also helps balance the three doshas.

The cannabis flower has a strong medical and healing history that dates back thousands of years, though it’s only recently that doctors and scientists have been able to test and confirm these benefits.

Marijuana, known as vijaya in Sanskrit, is regarded as a medicinal herb in the Ayurvedic tradition because of its significant physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits. When it comes to CBD, Ayurveda philosophy attributes warm, slow, and heavy qualities to cannabis. When used properly, these qualities can elicit the grounding and stabilizing effects of Kapha dosha.

Ayurveda philosophy warns that anything can be problematic when it’s used in excess. Therefore habitual and imbalanced use of cannabis can cause negative effects, contributing to lethargy, dullness, fogginess, depression, and anxiety. Ayurveda suggests using CBD in low amounts and in combination with other herbs. CBD supports and nurtures the body when it’s used mindfully, in moderation, and alongside other holistic health practices.

What makes our pre-rolls so great?

We have high standards of growing. Our CBD is grown under the western sunshine in organic, rich, and clean soil. Our pre-rolls are also made with organic hemp paper and filters.

We source our cannabis from One Love Farms in Southern Oregon. We use their Oregon Dream flower in our Oregon Dream pre-roll, which won the 2020 Jack Herer Cup–one of the top awards in the cannabis industry for the purity and potency in their hemp. When you order our pre-rolls, you are getting some of the highest quality hemp available.

CBD in all its various forms improves one’s health by working in harmony with the body’s endocannabinoid system. Just as Ayurveda teaches, the path to wellness is found through the wisdom and offerings of nature, which includes the cannabis plant and CBD. That’s why we stand behind it as a supportive and healing product, and it’s why we take great care and intention to grow it in the purest conditions possible.

Samantha Case is a writer, yoga teacher, and student of Ayurveda. She guides women toward conscious living by helping them cultivate self-awareness through meditation, yoga, mindfulness, introspection, and connection to nature Explore her offerings at www.samanthacase.com.


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